Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm A Published Author!!

Time for an update!!

Earlier this year, I submitted a poem to the American Library of Poetry because I could get some awards or prizes. And just got a book in the mail today, with my poem in it!!!

A couple months after I submitted my poem, they contacted me and let me know that their editors choose my poem to be published in a book full of other student poems called Discovered, and now I've got beautiful book in my hands with my very own, original poem in it!! It's such a great feeling

It's just a start, but it's a great feeling to be able to see something you've written published in an actual book for people to read. :) Today's been a great day.  :)

If you want to check out the poem, I've put it on my figment account which you can find here:

And I hope you have a dandi day! :)

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