Thursday, March 12, 2015

Guarding Virtue

I've dated some.....not so great guys over the past couple years...and it's disappointing and frustrating to me that the large majority of them made it quite obvious they were only interested in me because of what I could offer them physically. And after the first few dates, they wonder soon after, why I'm no longer interested. I'm not saying that every guy is like this, but from my experience, this is how it's been.

I'm then surprised, when others call me a "prude" and tell me I'm "too uptight", like guarding my virtue is a horrible thing. Or they say things like, "no wonder you still aren't married." or "no wonder you've never had any boyfriends" or "you just need to put yourself out there."
I will have you know, that I am not going to disrespect myself by choosing to "let loose" and let a guy be physical with me, especially when I do not feel comfortable. I do not exist for the enjoyment of others.

So, I'm NOT sorry if it's been two days, two weeks, or two months, and I still haven't kissed you. To be rather frank, you don't deserve it. I want to give you the chance to know everything you can about ME, not my body. That sacred experience, I will guard with my life, and reserve until temple marriage.

And I don't care how attractive a women is, she is not there for you to take advantage of. Yes, she is beautiful, but she is a beautiful Daughter of God, and she deserves your utmost respect, and you owe it to her, and yourself, to show some self-control; You are sons of God after all, divinity literally exists inside you.

But how can you expect to potentially become the creators of worlds in the eternities, if you can't even control what you've been given here, right now?

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